Try Safe Wearing  yellow dress to church

You can try safe by making other accessories plain black-shoe, bag and necklace. You won’t look boring- the yellow dress is already bright! You’ll only look put together.
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Don’t be Shy of Bright

Wearing white and yellow dress to church Try making your accessories white. Though having the same put-together look as black, an all-white accessory assemble makes your outfit turn out brighter and more cheery without looking cheesy or cheap. Perfect for a sunny Sunday morning

Have Some Fun with  Polka Dots

Yellow Dress This is a twist to the plain black accessories approach- its black and white alright, but it’s more fun. Polka dots are fun and exciting! They instantly bring youthfulness to any outfit A yellow Sunday to you! Enjoy whats left of your weekend :D]]>

  1. Shine Jesus Shine! Yes, I love yellow too, especially when is Canary Yellow. I have a canary yellow vintage dress I bought lightyears ago and I still turn to it when I want that fresh summer feeling. I like how you styled the yellow ensembles- I will go with the yellow and white pairing! Have a good Sunday!
    Ps how did you come across my Twitter/blog? I like to know how people find me so I know whats working…

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