Too Much Make-Up Wearing t much make-up to the office Make-Up is good, but too much is bad. Over-made up eyes, shockingly bright red lips etc. send the wrong signal. Never ever wear evening make-up to the office. Not sure if it’s too much? – Read this article to find out. Too Much Jewellery Wearing to much jewelry to the office Too much jewellery is a major jewellery faux paux. If it’s distracting, noisy or confusing to the eyes, then it is wrong. Remember simplicity is the greatest sophistication.

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Too Revealing Clothes See through clothes, boobs jiggling in public views and panties just out of reach are a no-no for the office. Dressing like a sex kitten may get you faster service at the grocery store, but it won’t earn the respect of your co-workers, especially in a corporate environment. Side Tip– sexy is not the same as revealing- you can look sexy without being revealing- ask the guys. General Side-Tip: There are always exceptions to these rules!Whatever choice you decide to make, keep your company culture in mind, it’s what counts the most.]]>

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