Comfortable: You don’t want to be that lady who sets out to “Kill It” but ends up looking all stuffy and uncomfortable. If you attend my type of church, you’ll probably spend a lot of time standing. Those legs quickly get tired if they are not in comfortable shoes! Make sure every bit of your outfit is comfortable- from the shoes to the clothes. Everything should be so comfy that you don’t spend the whole service adjusting a stray part of your outfit.   Appropriate: Dressing appropriately not only helps you feel right before God , it also saves you from the piercing, annoying looks from some other holier-than-thou church goers who may just decide to spend the whole service throwing snide looks at you. Dressing appropriately also helps you feel comfortable. 😉  

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Pretty: Or maybe appealing. Just because its church doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring you’re A-Game one. 😉 Even when you attend a really conservative church where you are required to wear skirts and keep your hair covered you can still shine like a diamond. Now lets get inspiration from these divas- Enjoy!   what to wear to church, hat leon top black and white skirt       what to wear to church, yellow skirt black top   Polka dot skirt and white top   all white ensemble     neon style blue skirt white top   color blocking yello dress and green bag   ankara jacket  ]]>

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