Rita Dominic   1. Just One Touch is Enough:  Polka DOt Except you don’t mind looking like you are trying to go back to your childhood, go with a little touch of polka dot. It could be your bag that’s polka dot, or your shoes, or even your skirt. Wearing polka dots on polka dot is really tricky and you may end up looking too girly for work.

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  1. Wear Minimal Make-Up : Polka Dot
The polka dot is already busy. Loud make-up will only push your look closer to something meant for a circus. Wear minimal make-up!
    1. Simple Hair, No Girly Accessories:
How to where Polka dots Just like the reason we gave in the previous point, polka dots are busy already. You only make it worse by being too elaborate with the hair and make-up
  1. Go Chiffon: Mercy Aigbe in Polka Dots
Still a little scared of rocking to work? Follow this simple rule, wear chiffon. Chiffon immediately looks classy and sophisticated. That’s how you always want to dress to the office- Classy, clean and sophisticated! 😉 Polka Dots    ]]>

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