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hair breakage into your brush, your ends are frayed, and one part of your hair is longer than the other...! You've searched for a MIRACLE: a product, a hairstylist, something or a guide that will get your hair back to how it used to be before it got “messed up and the turnel doesn't seem to want to end, all of your searches end here because this article was written to give you 3 simple tips to repair hear breakage.

3 Magical Tips to Repair Hair Breakagepack-of-250-small-mini-hair-elastics-rubber-braiding-bands-for-dreads-cornrows-braiding-black_4298991

  1. Stop using Rubber bands: That handy rubber band is the little fox that pulls, snags and rips at one’s hair. Have you noticed that after a while, rubber bands begin to have hair around it? That’s your precious hair it stole away.Avoid Hair Breakage
  2. Change style- Regularly: Another lazy thing we do is get used to and stick to one style. What this does is opens you the risk of hair breakage in one spot. Hair around that area begins to look choppy, uneven and thin. Change your style.41C5u4cahgL
  3. Wear Protection: Wearing is ever nightcap do wonders in reducing the rate at which your hair breaks. Wear protective caps.
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