How to wear Back Neck lace 1. Give it a Clean, Plain Canvass!: How to Back Necklace Your back necklace should be given space to breathe and shine. It shouldn’t be fighting for space with your clothes, straps or even long lose hair. You’l only look tacky not to mention that everything could get tangled and make you seem out of control. 2. Delicate is the key word: Back Necklace Though the back necklace allows you to achieve different looks (casual to formal) . Going too heavy (think heavy skull pendant) on the jewellery may end up making you look like a gangsta. The more delicate the jewellery the better 3. Be Back Ready: Back Necklace Attention will be on you back and derriere, be ready. Let your back be ready for the attention. Deal with any rogue folds or undergarments that may try to be rebellious. Enjoy the attention! 😉 [caption id="attachment_729" align="aligncenter" width="399"]Anita Quansah Back Chain Anita Quansah Back Chain[/caption]  ]]>

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  1. These are great tips, for me the back is an erogenous zone, and a great part of the body to show off (if you are back ready of course), loving these back accessories I’m seeing!

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