The first thing you will notice on the journey is that there are just too many people giving advice. It’s funny, however, that the second thing you will notice on this same journey is that most of the you will receive do not work for you. So you will stand in front of the mirror day after day and pull the tendrils of your hair just to find out your natural hair is not making any progress. You will cry at the dull color of your natural hair and how it breaks once you put a comb in it. When you eventually save up enough money to be able to invest in natural hair products, you’ll be somewhat disappointed it wasn’t the magic you were expecting. Natural hair care can be very frustrating or very exciting, but there are basic things you first have to understand in keeping a natural hair care routine. From this post, you’ll be learning quick and direct tips on how to care for your natural hair from secrets shared with Refinery29 by Rihanna’s own hair stylist, Yusef Williams. Rihanna recently posted a picture on Instagram rocking her naturally long and healthy looking tresses. Interestingly, the secret to her healthy natural hair is simple and proves to us that you can’t go wrong with minding the basics when it comes to grooming natural hair.



natural-hair-moisture Source:KinkAndCoil This is basic. Natural hair lives on moisture. Without moisture, your natural kinks will become as unruly as straw. Understanding how to keep your hair constantly moisturized is the first stride to take to a successful natural hair journey. The challenge here is, natural hair is mostly porous, meaning it loses moisture fast. This is the greatest battle you will face throughout your natural hair journey. Having a good hair moisturizer in your natural hair kit is simply not optional. Williams reveals that he uses  ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion to keep Rihanna’s hair soft and moisturized. Amazingly, this hair product is very affordable and available in local stores and online. It can be really tough achieving moisture balance in your hair. However, it’s a simple science. A quick check of the product description of this ORS moisturizing hair lotion shows it contains the basic ingredients needed to keep  natural hair moisturised.
  • Water
  • Oils
These two very basic ingredients is your secret to keeping shiny, soft and healthy hair. Oils keep water (moisture) sealed into our hair for longer preventing moisture loss and hair dryness.

Top Tip: Avoid any hair product lacking this two ingredients.


From the stylist responsible for the sheen in Fenty’s mane, “Deep conditioners are imperative at all times.” Apart from your essential daily routine of oils and water and moisturizing lotions, deep conditioning is the gospel for richly moisturized natural hair. Deep conditioning treatments allow moisture, oil, protein and vital hair nutrients to penetrate your hair strands. Deep conditioning improves hair elasticity, preventing hair breakage and restoring its natural shine. It helps treat and repair damaged hair. Yusef Williams says he uses Peter Thomas Roth’s Mega-Rich Conditioner for Rihanna’s hair, he says that deep conditioning promotes hair growth.


natural-hair-oil-treatment Source: Yes, oil again. Hair oils are the natural hair shrine. For Rihanna, raw castor oil and hot oil treatments is part of her natural hair routine. Oil treatment helps to strengthen your hair strands, by preventing dryness. It is the best way to avoid brittle hair and also split ends. Oil treatment is very helpful in cleansing the scalp and dealing with dandruff. There is a long list of hair oils, but you do not have to use them all to get the best result. However, having a complement of two hair oils for your hair routine is not a bad choice. It is important that you discover what works best for you. Oil treatment can either be hot or cold. Hot oil treatments require heating of your hair oil before applying, for better penetration into the hair.

To do a hot oil treatment:

  • Simply put your hair oil or a mix of your favorites in a heat safe container
  • Let heat in a pot of hot water for a few, minutes.
  • Ensure the oil isn’t too hot to burn. You may allow it cool a little. Do a wrist test before applying to your scalp.
  • Next, section you hair and gently massaging into your scalp and strands.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic cap to lock in the moisture. You may sit under a dryer. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes or overnight.
  • Finally, wash off with an organic hair shampoo.


Your scalp is on the list of the basics for a healthy  hair. Dandruff and itchy scalp are your hair’s best enemies. Another secret William shares with us about Rihanna’s hair routine is a regular scalp treatment using Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp treatment.

This product contains a blend of essential oils natural extracts to purify, stimulate and balance the scalp and deters dandruff.

Top Tip: Your scalp health is another factor that should determine what natural hair products to purchase. You can opt for shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers that provide scalp treatment alongside.


Finally, Yusef recommends that there are days you just have to lay aside the weaves, braids, styling “You have to let your hair breathe, give it a break, and take care of it,” he adds “You have to talk to the hair and pray on it. It’s real.” Okay, Plushist, It’s time to rock those locks! Share with us your own natural hair secrets and product combinations, down in the comments section below.  ]]>

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