Onika By Nicki Minaj Celebrity Fragrance

Onika is Nicki Mina’s 6th fragrance. It’s actually named after her-Nicki Minaj’s Real Name is Onika Tanya Mara. She launched it in 2014 July and well well, it’s enjoying a lot of love around here! Celebrity Fragrance Onika to me is like a symbol of the maturity of Nicki’s brand. From her line of perfume, you can get a timeline of Nicki’s brand. I mean take a look at the other bottles and her outfits when launching them- lol. They are a likeness of her career personality. All are her perfume bottles are a likeness of her. This likeness is more mature and beautiful. I wonder what will happen when she decides to launch anaconda. Onika is Nicki Minaj without the colourful bells and whistles. Colourful outfits, weaves, makeup and what nots. All her fragrances tend to smell similar- but Onika is more mature and warmer. Its clear and fruity too.
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Rogue by Rihanna

Celebrity Fragrances

Rogue is Rihanna’s Fourth fragrance and was released  in 2013. The bottle is rectangular and has spikes underneath it. Rogue-by-Rihanna-1-compressed It has a sweet smell. At first it smells cheap, but when it settles the scent  develops into a beautiful mixture of a Suede, Plum, Vanilla, Musk  .The scent is also manly.   Fame by Lady Gaga Celebrity Fragrance Lady Gaga was honoured recently honoured the Songwriters Hall of Fame so I thought to throw this in. The claw you see there is actually plastic. The bottle is simplistic and the black liquid intriguing. When sprayed it initially smells like honey the as it settles, you get a burst of jasmine and apricot.
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Celebrity Fragrance Lady Gaga’s days of fame are fast coming to an end but hey- the scent aint bad!]]>

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