observation/psycho-analysis of Linda Ikeji (a celebrity gossip blogger). He made an apt statement- “Linda Ikeji did not just appear from nowhere. Like the rest of us, she had been struggling in the dark city of Lagos, until her wheel of samsara turned. Her tough days prepared her for this glory” Linda Ikeji is generally celebrated for her rags to riches story. She usually shares stories of how she moved from nothing to something-how at the age of 30 she had 800 naira in her wallet. Now she’s a multi-millionaire- maybe billionaire. Linda Ikeji’s story is special because it’s the story of every successful woman. Every successful woman you see out there had to go through some sort of struggle and toiling in the ranks before she finally burst into the light you now see her bask in it.(and please allow her bask) Strong woman quotes.If your are going through hell, keep going The key is to keep holding on when the going gets tough- because it will. The key is to keep going when it’s hard and no one believes in you. Maybe you are even beginning to doubt yourself. Know a woman or even man who is very successful at what she does? Best believe she went through a lot to get to where she is right now. Are you going through tough times? Know this, its a necessary path to glory. Going through pressures so tough it seems that you are closing to breaking point? Hold on, be strong. You are close to glory. Whatever you may be passing through remember these two things– 1. The greater the glory, the greater the struggle. 2. You are not alone. A lot of people have been through it and have come out pure gold.Think Oprah Winfrey, think our own Linda Ikeji,think that particular woman you admire  for the success she has achieved. A lot of people are presently going through struggles and guess what? They are holding on and fighting harder- So why should you give up? Dont give up- think about why you started. Keep going, keep trying because its only then will you earn the right to break out into the blazing sun!

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Word! May all your dreams come true in this new week Queens! First Comes the Dream, then comes the Struggle, then comes the Victory. Never give up when you are at the stage of the struggle! May all your dreams come true- even the ones they laughed at!]]>

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