No it’s not. I’ve seen ladies whose outfits were all designer labels  still turned out tacky. I have also seen ladies wear not so pricy items  turn out pretty classy. So how do you achieve the classy look without breaking the bank. I’ll give you  few tips

  1. Wear timeless pieces:
Your bags, wristwatch and even hairdo shouldn’t always follow the latest trend. Be timeless. Dont be scared to choose your own style or be different!
  1. Be Well Groomed
Your teeth, hair and nails should be neat. I know I’m supposed to talk fashion but this really affects your entire look. Take care of the little details.
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  1. Your Shoes Matter!:
Except occasion dictates otherwise, always wear heels.
  1. Simplicity is Sophistication:
You know one thing about dressing up? When you try too hard it ruins your look. Too much make-up, over done hair, details on your outfit like Denrele Edun all make you look tacky. Clean, simple and well-tailored always gives you a certain expensive look. Remember less is more.
  1. When in Doubt Wear Black:
Also Nudes & Monochromes. Its easier to look put together when you wear black.Pink and other bright colours need extra care to look right!]]>

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