Fashpa stocks both local and international brands. The online retail site also boasts of its own fashion line. Honey revealed that Fashpa is an acronym from two terms- Fashion and Parade. fashpa boss Honey Ogundeyi once worked with Google, where she was Industry Manager for Nigeria. Her duties of handling commercial portfolio, strategy development and online advertising execution prepared her journey in the tech scene. She also gathered experience working for communication tech giants such as Eriksson and consulting multination –Mckinssey & Company in Brussels and Johannesburg. Honey is a graduate of University of Birmingham in England. Over the last couple of years since founding fashpa, Honey Ogundeyi has quickly grown to be a force to reckon with in the Nigerian E-Commerce scene. Her achievement has been noticed and hailed, in the tech community, business community and beyond the Nigerian shores.   She has been featured as an industry leader- her start-up is listed amongst Forbes’ 10 emerging women entrepreneurs to watch in Africa , she also made YNaija’s list of top 100 women most inspiring women. Late last year , was hailed as one of the tech start-ups to watch. We have not been disappointed. Brands paraded on her site have been relished by several women – with both local stars and international stars such as Angela Simmons getting in on the action. Her dream of changing the way African consumers access fashion seems to be coming true. [caption id="attachment_1993" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Angela-Simmons-in-FashPA Angela Simmons IN Fashpa[/caption] Not only is Honey Ogundeyi a leader in her niche, she also is a shining light to women both in tech world and in business in general. Honey Ogundeyi has been known to advise women with ideas to start small with personal funds and funds from friends and family till they begin to see growth. Like every other female entrepreneur, hers is not a story of roses and bloom. She has had her own fair share of travails. On a post in her personal blog, Honey Ogundeyi gives us a peek into what it can be like running a start-up in a place like Nigeria. She explains that “You experience high highs and low lows sometimes in one day, sometimes in 5 minutes. Giving up sometimes feels. appears. looks. easier that fighting for another day” But she goes on and insists- “The art of giving up is simply that. Not Giving up. NOT GIVING UP. So far, she has stayed true where others have given up and closed shop. Her advice to tech entrepreneurs and business owners in Nigeria who are just starting out?- “Be creative, start within your network, reach out to family and friends,  again start small and you’d be surprised to see the puddles create an ocean, have a playlist that helps you through those long nights “ Honey Ogundeyi’s journey so far is one filled with inspiration and girl power. To all women chasing their dreams, whether in business or in their careers- Honey Ogundeyi has this to say- “Don’t give up – through it all you’ll be genuinely happy that you started out building your dreams”  ]]>

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  1. I would love to meet Honey. One of the tech women who inspires me the most is Natalie M from Net A Porter, I’m hugely interested in online retail businesses that mix commericalism with creativity via fashion, and am excited to see what heights Fashpa will reach!

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