Test for Allergies:  The henna is supposed to be natural but these days some of them contain chemicals. To be on the safe side, check if your skin is allergic to t before you allow the artist apply it. How do you do this? Put a little on little part of your palm- if it feels itchy of like its burning , don’t use it. 2. Don’t use immediately after waxing: This is because immediately after waxing, your skin’s pores are open.The chemicals from henna can then easily sink into your skin which may have an adverse effect. Wait a day or two before waxing. 3. To allow your henna tattos last longer, stay away for water for at least the first day. Do all chores that require your dipping your hands into water before you get your henna tattoo done! 4. Though a personal preference, I feel simple is sexy! Too elaborate a design and your hand begins to look like its been attacked by bees. Too much also tends to look classless! Simple designs look more sophisticated, feminine and cute Enjoy!

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Look 1



Look 2 henna

Look 3 henna___design

Look 4 henna___design1Look 5 mehndi_minsk

What look is your favorite?


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