We get it. A movie like Tyler Perry’s Acrimony doesn’t go down without a lot of noise and drama. While some folks are disappointed with the movie and wishing their favorite face on the Empire series, Taraji P Henson was left out of this, others have taking to strong debates about relationships and marriage and who is to blame: Robert or Melinda? We promise you, we won’t fall for the temptation to pitch our tent with one of the warring factions. We just want to remind you of some silent truths about life in the movie Acrimony that our relationship experts and marriage attorneys haven’t allowed some decorum for us to think about. tyler-perry-acrimony Source: New York Times

Five Truths to Learn from Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

Acrimony Reminds Us That The Darkest Hour is Closest To Dawn

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After the instruction to never again call – which he had been doing constantly for 20 years –  Prescott’s office where he had been hoping to get financing for his battery invention, hope seemed lost. Frustrated, Robert hits over his work table and for a moment convinces himself that all he had believed in all these years was for nothing. He is forced to resume a delivery job and painfully put away his dreams. He even discards the prototype of his battery, the Gayle Force Wind. But just then, he gets an invitation to meet with Prescott. Robert reminds us that life is unpredictable and that hope is never completely lost. Life always has a funny way of showing up at the most unlikely hour and make us go berserk – either for good or for bad.

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony Teaches Us Lessons About Persistence

Before his breakthrough, Robert looked like a crazy dude who was playing around with abandoned items from a junkyard. It looks stupid and laughable that a young man would spend all his years working on a dumb idea that’s not working. At Prescott’s office, he was that complete wacko who kept sending mails about a boring battery project. Yet Robert’s story shows us that persistence is honorable. It reminds us that persistence is the only word that can change the word impossible.
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It is Important to Know Your Worth

Robert’s golden moment had arrived as he sat down to a meeting with Prescott, yet when he was offered $800, 000, he refused it. At that moment it seemed like a huge compensation for the years of trouble and frustration and rejection. It would have been an easy way to end all the trouble, to pay for Melinda’s mother’s house and set off to a decent life. However, Robert rejected it and walked out on Mr Prescott. He wasn’t willing to give up his life’s work for what seemed like a big fish. He knew he was worth a bigger fish and wasn’t desperate to settle for little. Robert wanted sufficient reward for his sweat. Tyler Perry’s movie speaks so loudly to remind us to have the courage to walk confidently, away from people and places that fail to acknowledge our worth, because we know a better opportunity is coming.

Acrimony Reminds Us Following Our Dreams Comes Costly

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Though Tragic, Tyler Perry’s Acrimony tells us how a young man put everything in line for something he believed. We are unhappy and in fact bitter that Robert put his marriage and wife’s happiness at stake for his goals. However, beyond our grudges, this movie reminds us a following a passion is like a calling, like a task assigned to you by destiny. It can be as crazy as having a single reason for living. People who followed a calling desperately all have dramatic stories about what they gave up to get where they did. It’s a very long journey between your dreams and the reality. However, we plead with you, learn from Robert’s mistake, do not destroy another person’s dreams while following yours. Be kind enough to either invite them to join you on the rough ride or explain why you must go alone.

Your Past is Not A Curse

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Robert’s had little inspiration from his past to ever dream of being successful. His father was a criminal wasting away in a prison, he was an excon. He lived alone without his parents in an RV. However, Robert had big dreams. He didn’t feel entitled to the labels of his past, didn’t make excuses about how messed up life had been to him, but focused on what he was good at doing. Robert shows us how our pasts shouldn’t determine our future. Our parent’s mistakes and our life’s misfortunes are not life sentences. You alone have the power to create your tomorrow. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony is a bitter story of a wicked twist of fate, of hurt and heartbreak and tragedy. However, it silently tells the story of a young man who is crazy and passionate (maybe too passionate) about his dreams.

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