They keep our Instagram feed heated, and our wish list growing. They are the reason we make any new installments to our wardrobes. From inspiring through bold and unconventional ensembles they influence positively through their lifestyles and personal stories. They are called fashion and lifestyle bloggers. However beyond the glam and fabulous, these women have amazing professional careers. 

Here are Five Women who prove to us that fashion is also serious business.

Cassandra Ikegbune

fashion-bloggers in-Nigeria Popularly known as by her Instagram handle, Cassandra started her blog in 2013 prompted by her love for fashion, writing and all things creative, to inspire and help and connect with people. Wait, don’t fall for it – before you think all she probably knows how to do is find the right shade for lipstick, Cassie is a medical doctor. She’s not just a beauty she’s got brains! Cassie describes herself as an introvert and she says it’s evident in her subtle fashion choices.  

fashion-bloggers-in-Nigeria Mirror Me is the blog from where Fisayo slays the world with stunning melanin poses and a style all hers. She started simply to have a creative outlet, give a peek to the outfits in her wardrobe, and share travel experiences. Interestingly, what  started as a personal diary became the launching of a huge career, taking her to places like Cambridge university, Warwick University, and the Ernst & Young foundation, speaking on building  a career . was also nominated by Instyle UK as Travel and Lifestyle blog of the year 2016. She currently hosts a blogging course teaching new bloggers how to have the career of their dreams through blogging.  
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fashion-bloggers-in-Nigeria Alma runs The Alma Chronicle and describes herself as an introvert who is just waking up to the reality that she’s slowly becoming a public figure. Already an avid reader of fashion and style magazines, Alma decided to take fashion serious just after moving to Canada for graduate school in 2015. Apart from her very distinct fashion aesthetic and very mature style choices, Alma is a very serious career woman. She talks a lot about the challenges of handling a side hustle and a nine-to-five job.

fashion bloggers in Nigeria was where she decided to spend time doing something meaningful, while she looked for a full time job, in mid 2012. However, her blog has grown into something much more lucrative. To Seyi, her blog is more than just about just her fashion style, but an embodiment of everything she is. While she confesses to be in love subtle colors like blush and mauve-y pink, it’s written all over her styles her love for gentle and comfy sophistication. Seyi holds an MBA  from the American University  and with experience working in the advertising industry, She hopes to find a rhythm for her background in marketing her business knowledge and her career as a fashion blogger to make a statement for herself in the industry.  
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Sayedero Enytan

fashion-bloggers-in-Nigeria She holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Covenant University, and calls herself . Before now, who would ever think those two words were meant to go together. For Sayedero Enytan, by all means they go together, like beach hats and summer afternoons! Sayedero lights up the world through her solar engineering career, however while she’s at it, she’s slaying the universe from her amazing space .  Sayedero started out in 2012 to help fashion enthusiasts feed from her fashion and beauty ideas, as she kept having many walk up to her with inquiries about her look and the stores where she shopped. From simple and pretty to daring and adventurous, this fashion engineer is a complete stunner on every look.  ]]>

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