The Kedike crooner stole our hearts on Project Fame and she has since refused to return it 😀  . Not only does she emit this cute and loveable essence, she also has a strong sense of style. She obviously loves natural and tribal. From her hair, to the styles she wears, she always proves a point- and she looks good doing it too! These are eight times Chidinma Ekila killed it, tribally!   1. When she rocked this really Cool Hair Do that took Us To Our Secondary School Days!   Chidinma Ekile   2. When she Wore this Hot Tribal Necklace  

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Chidinma Ekile in Tribal Necklace   3.   This Fierce Turban! Chidinma Ekile in Fierce Turban 4. When She Showed a Whole New Class of Dungarees! Chidinma Ekile in Dungarees 5. That Gele Looks Good! chidinma-ekile-2-birthday   6. This Happy Moment! Chidinma Ekile   7. This Risky but Cool Combo! chidinma3-400x600 8. This Perfect Outfit! Chidinma -ekile-]]>

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