Everyone who has had box braids on knows there is that time simply when letting your hair down doesn’t cut it.  You braids are getting old- your hair is fighting kung-fu with the extension and your roots are overtly excited. What to do when you know you are not ready to take those braids out? Heres what! Try out these styles! They make even the oldest box braids look super-cool 1. Messy Crown Bun With A Headband braids styles   2. Chunky Side Fish Tail Chunky Side Fishtail 3. Thrown on a Hat! how-to-put-braids-in-a-bun 4. Try the 3-Layered Bun 3-Layered Bun 5. Do the Classic Half-Up Topknot Classic Half-Up Topknot 6. Throw on a fancy head-wrap. Fancy Head Wrap 7. Rock a twisted tucked in Halo! 5-twisted-tucked-halo-updo 8. Pull a Janet Jackson 121 9. Big braided crowns do magic! 6-big-braided-crown 10. Or just put in one of these simple yet effective accessories. 3-simple-box-braids-hairstyle Photo Credit: www.myblackhair.nl www.instagram.com  ]]>

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