In this article, I will be showing you how to become a and how you can in the country. This article is a comprehensive guide on how you can get into this business and make profits. All that is required for you to start this business has been included, and by the time you are done reading it, you are assured of being approved to open and run a .

Given the present economic state of the Nigerian state, sports betting has become one of the means for survival for a large fraction of the society, especially the youths and the young-at-heart. It is arguably one of the fastest and easiest means of livelihood, and perhaps, the easiest means of earning income.

What Is Sports Betting? Is It Evil?

Sports betting is not evil, as many claims, it is, because at least research evidence has not proved it so. What this business simply involves is to predict games under many “risky parameters” such as which team will win, which player will score when a goal will be scored etc. these predictions can be low-risk predictions or high-risk predictions. However, it all depends on the person betting, his experience and all of that.

When you take a walk across town, you will see a lot of sport betting shops or outlets such as UBC365, Nairabet, 360bet, PlanetBet, AtlanticBet, Bet9ja etc. in this article, my focus shall, however, be on Bet9ja and how to become their agent. So, how does one become a in Nigeria? But why Bet9ja?

I have chosen Bet9ja for a number of reasons. First, it is perhaps, as it stands, the most popular sports betting shop in Nigeria, meaning therefore that it has a higher fanbase when compared to others. Secondly, it works with some of the best sport betting operators in the world, which therefore guarantees the best of betting conditions.

With Bet9ja, it is possible to play games for free and also bet with real money and when you win, it is a real winning, no scam. Bet9ja computer systems, as well as data, are all secured using Fortinet Firewall and Dell Servers. Its website is also SSL encrypted. After a win, you can easily move your winnings to your bank account, any time you wish to do so.

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Because of the ease of use of Bet9ja facilities and the genuineness of their services, Bet9ja has become the sports betting destination of choice for many Nigerians. This is a good impression for business. of course, you want to do a business that already has a large fanbase, don’t you? It is upon this note therefore that I welcome you to become a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria. You will make profits from it.

& Steps

You are likely to succeed as a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria when you have an influx of regular customers to your shop, and when your shop is situated in the part of town with good population density. Any other requirement is just similar to any other which you can find on this website for any other business. but the most important thing is for you to register as a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria. That is what I want to look at briefly.

To join the league of Bet9ja agents in Nigeria, you need to register and fulfill the registration form provisions listed on the Bet9ja website via

See the steps involved below:

  1. Getting business premises or shop for your Bet9ja business.
  2. You will then Submit the documents to Bet9ja commercial staff.
  3. Bet9ja will then vet the document and come to a location check.
  4. You will then have an in-person introductory conversation with a Bet9ja field staff.
  5. Your proposed business premises will be verified.
  6. The agent contract will then be signed.
  7. Your shop will then be prepared with the help of bet9ja professional staff.
  8. Your shop will then be opened for business.

Basic Requirements For Success in Bet9ja Business

  1. Appropriate business premises
  2. Basic business knowledge
  3. Enthusiasm for sport and sport betting
  4. Friendly, open attitude and ability to communicate
  5. Self-motivated and hard-working
  6. Strong customer and service orientation
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Basic Tips For Opening A Successful Betting Shop: The Shop, Equipment, Internet

To open a betting shop like Bet9ja shop in Nigeria, you must, first of all, have a shop. I’m not saying you have to build a new shop. No. I mean rent a shop. This shop should be able to accommodate at least eight cashiers.

There should be space sufficient enough to take up to at least six 32-inch-LCD TVs. Get a shop in an area with a high population density, and which can be accessed at least 5-10 minutes normal walking distance. This, of course, depends on your area.

Some of the equipment which you need to operate a Bet9ja shop includes

  • PCs (Laptops or Desktops),
  • Electric Power or Generators,
  • TV sets,
  • Fans,
  • Benches,
  • Sockets etc.
  • You need stable internet connectivity to run this business successfully. There are few internet service providers (ISPs) in town from which you can choose from – Airtel, Glo, MTN or Etisalat. There are also other ISP sub-stations and vendors which you can patronize as well.

You need to pay a signup fee of N75,000 to Bet9ja upon which the following items shall be given to you by the company:

  • A Bet9ja Banner to advertise your business to passers-by
  • You will also be given a Bet9ja account on the Bet9ja platform, upon payment of a registration fee of N50,000
  • Thermal receipt printers. That is a set of POS-80 units which come with a roll of paper.

From the above estimates, therefore, it is evident that at least N350, 000 is required to open a Bet9ja shop in Nigeria and become a Bet9ja agent too. This, however, depends on your location. But just before I go, please do not open a Bet9ja shop yet until you have been authorized to do so. Also, plan on getting at least 8 units of PC sets to successfully run all of Bet9ja’s products and services.

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