You are living in the most exciting time in history! No… not just because Black Panther was released this year, but because you’re in the midst of a gigantic generational shift.  The internet is breaking down office walls and strict work spaces. Maybe you’ve heard it, perhaps you do not believe it, but putting on office shoes and the navy blue jacket you got on discount is no longer the highway to success. Nine to Five jobs have proven to be uneventful, disappointing and restricting. Also, there are no longer as many of these corporate jobs as there are like us seeking financial empowerment. That’s why it’s time to revamp your mindset about the ways to keep the coins rolling in and the bills paid for. Here are ten brilliant for ladies that will make you your own boss without having to get out of your bedroom.

10 Ideas For Ladies You Can Start At Home


[caption id="attachment_3559" align="alignleft" width="524"]business-ideas-for-ladies Source: ZaneTutors[/caption] The world will never run out of students. People are constantly needing to learn something new; a language, a skill, a subject. The convenience the internet gives makes it pie easy for you to connect with a potential student who needs tutoring in your field of expertise. It’s a business idea that costs you nothing to start. There are lots of online tutoring platforms where you can sign up to start meeting clients. Also you can promote your tutoring services on social media, and encourage your friends and followers to help you repost.


Brands and manufacturers love to be talked about, they want attention and popularity which is why with a reputation for being trusted by your audience, brands will be willing to pay you to write great reviews about their products and brands.  While there are many platforms like UserTesting, MobRog to get paid to write reviews, it is advisable to build something creditable of your own, with which you can attract great brands. You can start building your reputation as a trusted reviewer by setting up a blog where you give honest reviews on websites, movies, products, services, etc. Choosing a particular niche (e.g makeup, hair products) for your reviews helps you build your credibility and reputation, gain loyalty and develop expertise.

Specialised Services

  [caption id="attachment_3562" align="alignnone" width="731"]business-ideas-for-ladies Source:[/caption] Today, the internet is the first place we go searching when we don’t know how to get a task done. We go online to find a wedding planner, a cake baker, someone to do a painting job. This isn’t going to change sometime soon. With platforms like Vconnect, StarOfService becoming even more popular, service professionals are moving their business headquarters online to connect with a greater community of clients.


Online consulting is a big deal. Before you hit this post, you were probably looking for advice on home-based jobs. That’s the point; a lot of internet surfers are trying to find expert advice on various subjects. Your experience and professional skills can be very resourceful. To start off, you will need to make an inventory of the areas of your expertise and topics that you are very knowledgeable about. For example: Diet, nutrition, sex,  fashion, etc. Next, it’s important prove your authority in those areas so that clients can trust you. There are many ways to do this:
  • Blog or video blogging
  • Writing an ebook
  • Hosting a free webinar
  • Etc.


[caption id="attachment_3564" align="alignleft" width="274"]business-ideas-for-ladies Source: Pinterest[/caption] Those paper decorations you love making for the children’s Christmas Carol every december, is more lucrative than you could ever imagine. Paper crafts, beadworks, knitted materials, ankara crafts and homemade crafts have started a big carnival online. You’re almost the only one left who hasn’t joined up. It’s as easy as opening an online store. There is an amazing lot of ecommerce platforms for arts and crafts like Etsy, Crafts Village for you to put up your items for purchase.  
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Online Selling

This is about the most popular way to sit back and watch your bank account balance grow. Online selling is very easy, and there many channels that help you do this. You can start selling on social media or Whatsapp, with a few convincing photographs of your products, and an agreement with a  delivery or courier service to help you fulfill orders. A smarter option is opening up a store on an ecommerce platform so you enjoy full service for your ecommerce business .


Writing jobs could be from blogging, article writing, to ghostwriting, etc. There are lots of platforms you can join to start getting gigs. Writing jobs are very convenient, because they can be done from anywhere and they are always on demand. However, apart from freelance writing services, you can also consider writing your own works. You can start a novel project, or a research and write on a topic that interested you. The web offers very profitable electronic publishing means from OkadaBooks to Amazon Kindle Publishing, and most come at no cost.

Art Curating

You could be wondering why this is on the list, probably because after quitting your job, the least thing you saw coming was working in museum. Well, this isn’t about that kind of arts curating. I’m talking about gathering fascinating arts pieces and antiquated items from exciting parts of the world and offering them for sale online. With a good eye for impressive artworks, you can even visit artists in your locality to purchase works that you can resell or auction for a whooping sum online. Another option is to take the permission of these artists to display these works online and get a percentage of the sales made.

Local Guide

[caption id="attachment_3563" align="alignright" width="522"]business-ideas-for-ladies Source: Intrepid Travel[/caption] Peer-to-peer travel experiences have become a trend. You can help tourists and visitors to yo6ur locality experience your neighborhood.  Many will find it exciting to get acquainted with your locale through your first-hand and local knowledge of the town. Local guides platforms like TourHQ, TourByLocals are a great way to kick off, also make sure you build your reputation as one knowledgeable about the city, by posting content of attractions and beautiful sights on your social media accounts. You can even start travel blog, telling stories about travel destinations, hotel reviews, and local experiences.

Online Farming

Farming is currently one of the smartest venture you can go into. With the internet changing everything we do, farming has never be more fun. Online farming sites like FarmCrowdy, PorkMoney give you the opportunity to become partners with farmers by investing and sponsoring farm operations for a percentage of the returns after harvest.   The list is becoming very endless. Don’t whine any longer about how your current job is a disaster, it’s your turn to create your own future. And today is the best time to start.]]>

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